Window and Door Awnings

window_Door_awning_Oatlands_1Window and Door Awnings is the perfect way to cover windows and doors they will stop rain, heat and let the light still come in

The awnings come in projections of 960mm, 1160mm, 1450mm and 1600mm.When you need an awning to project out more than this, you’ll need to look at a patio cover or a cantilever awning.

Carbolite window awning _ bull nose _ epping side view 1

The polycarbonate sheets are joined with an H Bar. Each panel is 725mm centre to centre. So two sheets start at 1500mm wide and then simply add 725mm for each panel to determine the width you need and we can cut the sheets to fit any size needed.

  • The sheets are an 8mm thick, twin wall polycarbonate.
  • Designed with an air pocket in the middle which reduces noise and the solar colours reduce the heat as well.
  • The twin wall polycarb sheets provide UV protection on both sides of the sheets for greater protection.
  • The twin wall polycarb comes in Solar Ice, Solar Metal, Gray, Bronze and Clear. Solar Ice is the most popular colour.
  • Solar Ice and Solar Metal are the ones which will reduce the heat.
  • The standard colours for the frames are White, Primrose and Black .We can custom powder coat as well.

We supply the full range of powder coat colours   So you are sure to find amongst the wide selection at Eco Awnings the right door and window awning for your needs

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