Get a Quote for Sliding Louvre

To get a Quote for a sliding louver we will need to Know

The total Widths and the hight of the opening where you want the sliding louvers system to be

The number of Panel that you want in the opening
( panels sizes range from 700mm to 2500mm wide each)

The Number of tracks you want
(each track is 50mm wide,  you can have as many panels on each track as you want)
for example:
if you want 3 panels. you can have 1 fixed panel at one end of the opening
and 2 sliding tracks with 1 panel on each track.
This will allow the louver panels to stack to one end of the opening
1 fixed 2 sliding with 2 tracks

Example of some configuration
1 fixed 1 sliding with 1 track
1 fixed 2 sliding  with 2 tracks
2 fixed  one either end and 2 sliding with 2 tracks
1 fixed 3 sliding with 3 tracks

The Type of Louver blade you want
160 or 85mm and do you want the blades to run vertically or Horizontally


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