Slimline 100 Awnings – over rear door and side window

The Slimline Awning is a modern design, great above doorways and windows.
Its designed to allow light in, reduce the heat and stop the rain.
The Brackets that mount to the wall are out of sight inside the frame of the awning,
this is what gives the awning its modern clean lines.

The Slimline100 has a 100×50 box frame which has been fully welded at our factory.
The awning can be as wide as you need and project out to a maximum of 1065mm.

Choose from a wide range of colours available from our Colorbond range.
Click here for the Colorbond Range

The twin wall polycarbonate is designed with an air pocket in the middle which reduces the noise,
The sheets are UV protection on both sides for greater protection and comes in
White, Silver, Bronze, Gray and Clear. the White and Sliver colours will reduce the heat as well.



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