Aluminium Louvres

Our louvres are a great solution for privacy and sun protection. They are designed to comply with BASIX 85mm, 160mm and 200mm elliptical blades and can be cantilevered above a window or used as a privacy screen.

Canter Lever Louvres

Privacy Screen Louvres

Custom Designed

Gates and Fences

Sliding and Adjustable Blade Louver

Twin Wall Polycarb Awnings

Twin Wall Polycarb Awnings are used for rain and sun protection above windows and doors or as a covering for patios and decks. These awnings are made of 8mm thick polycarbonate and a durable, maintenance free powder coated aluminium frame.

Window & Door Awnings

Patio Covers

Canter Lever Awnings

Gable Roofs

Gable roof polycarb awning

Barrel Vault & Domus Awnings


Other Polycarb Awnings

Retracta Roof System

The Polycarb Retracta Roof is the most versatile solution for outdoor areas as it can be used as a normal patio cover in all weather or at the press of a button converts to a completely open outdoor space. The aluminium frame comes in a range of colours and the roofing material comes in a choice of 10mm polycarbonate or 11.5 mm glass.

Fabric Retractable Roofs

Fabric Retractable Roofs come in a choice of two designs: they can be mounted as a manual system under an existing patio to reduce heat in summer and increase heat and natural light in winter; or can be mounted as a fully automated system with two tracks running down the sides and a retractable waterproof fabric which can be used in all weather conditions.

Fabric Retractable Roof System

Retractable Patio Shades

Straight Drop & Pivot Arm Awnings

Fabric that drops down in front of a window or used to close in a patio reducing the sun, heat and rain. We use the latest technology in fabrics and PVC.

Straight Drop Awning

Clear Plastics

Pivot Arms


Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arms can be mounted above doors or a patio to create a covered outdoor entertaining area which can be fully retracted when not needed.

Wall Mounted

Fascia Mounted

Under Eves

Roof Mounted

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