Fabric Retractable Roof System

We aim to provide high quality roofing systems for every homeowner’s needs. While we can’t control the weather, adjustable systems can be installed in the home to cater to the personal needs of the homeowner. With an innovative design in place, we have created an adjustable roof system to protect you in different weather situations.

The retractable roofs are made to retract and expand to your preferred length. They can therefore provide optimum shade for your outdoor space requirements.

Whether you want a covering for your pool or your patio, our fabric roofs can serve to create cooling shade. Don’t worry about the size of your space because we can tailor the roof to your request.

When it comes to styling, our roofing systems will not disappoint. They are specially designed not just for functionality but also to enhance the visual appeal of your property. Nothing beats the elegance found in our range of colours, which match any type of structure.

Durability in the Australia weather conditions is an essential factor in roofing system designs, and this is one of the aspects of our Suntec systems that we are most proud of. We do not simply settle for cheap fabrics that won’t last the distance. Our collection of materials is made to withstand outdoor conditions for a long time.

All of these essential qualities are rolled into one system, the Fabric Retractable Roof System, placing it among the best retractable roof systems Sydney offers.


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