Sliding Roof System 3 Panel 2 Slider

Using 3 panel 2 sliding makes it possible to open 2/3rds (66%) of the roof

This Sliding Roof System is designed for smaller projection roofs. It is excellent for improving the appearance and comfort of outdoor spaces, making it a good choice for homeowners looking for the best Retractable awnings Sydney can provide.

By using the three panels, the system can open up to 2/3rds (66%), though it is mostly used for projections of up to 3.5 only. This is achieved by the first panel being fixed and the subsequent two panels sliding under the fixed one.

All systems work on a minimum of 6 degree fall, which equates to a drop of 102mm per 1m. The polycarbonate roofs can be mounted off walls or above roof lines by using specially mounted extender brackets. The advantage of the extender brackets is in their top panel, which is fixed above the roof, allowing a 100% opening from the house.

You have a choice of panels: 10mm Twin Wall polycarbonate or 11.5mm Laminated Glass. This material is extremely strong but lightweight, leaving less strain on the motor. Available in Clear and Opal, this material has incredible spans, allowing minimal rafters.

11.5mm Laminated Glass can be tinted to reduce the heat. The maximum span of the glass is 1400mm.

Superior motors

We use Becker motors from Germany for their reliability and superior quality. These tubular motors are radio controlled. They can simply be plugged into a standard power socket without the need for hard wiring.. Each motor can be set up to move two bays.

The panels move by using 2 heavy duty chains on either side. This ensures maximum strength; and they don’t wear out like fabric belt systems.

If you would like to know more about our sliding roof systems, feel free to give us a call on 0405 533 839 to see which system is the right solution for you.

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