Retracta Roof The Opening Roof System

Retracta Roof

Is a Opening Glass or polycarbonate Roof system, which is designed to open polycarbonate, Glass or solid Panels. The top panel is in a fixed position with the other panels sliding under the fixed one. The maximum projection is 5800mm. The widths between the rafters is determined by the type of panel used.
Polycarbonate and the solid panels have a maximum width of 3000mm between the rafters.

Glass has a maximum width of 2000mm between the rafters. All systems work on a minimum of a 6 degree fall, which equates to a drop of 105mm per 1m. The Retracta Roofs can be mounted off walls or above roof lines.

We can even install the Retracta Roof in the middle of your roof, to bring the outdoors in and open up your space and provide weather protection at the same time.


All systems work on a minimum of 6 degree fall, which equates to a drop of 102mm per 1m. The sliding roof can be mounted off walls or above roof lines by using specially mounted extender brackets. The advantage of the extender brackets is the top panel which is fixed would be above the roof, allowing a 100% opening from the house.

You have a choices of panels

10mm twin Wall polycarbonate

This material is extremely strong but lightweight leaving less strain on the motor. Available in Clear and Opal, the material has incredible spans of 3000 between rafters.

11.5mm Glass laminated Glass

Which can be timed to reduce the heat. The maximum span of Glass is 2000mm

We use Becker motors, from Germany. These tubular motors are radio controlled. The motor can simply be plugged into a standard powder socket without the need for hard wiring. They are extremely reliable. Each motor can be set up to move 2 Bays of polycarb or 1 bay in Glass.

The panels moved using 2 heavy duty chains one either side this ensures maximum strength and they don’t wear out like fabric belt systems.

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