Slimline Polycarb Awnings

Slimline Polycarb Awnings
The Slimline Polycarb Awning is a modern design for when you need a clean crisp look.
It has been designed to go over doors and windows where you need protection from the rain, heat and sun.
There are 2 types of slimline awnings.

Slimline Polycarb Awnings
What makes the slimline awning design unique is that the mounting brackets are hidden inside the frame of the awning. This makes the awning seem like it projects out of the wall without supports.

Canter Lever Slimline 50 awnings
are the same as the slimline but are designed for timber frame Building, the brackets run horizontal which are designed to mounted in to the frame behind the cladding (the widths of the awning is determine by where the Studs are behind the cladding) the size of the wall plate is determined by the type of wall you have, we custom make each set of brackets to suit your site

The Frame
is made of powder coated aluminum which comes in 3 sizes 100×50, 150×50, 200×50 box. (The most popular size is 100×50)
The standard colours are are from the colourbond Range

10mm Polycarb
Then we mount a twin wall 10mm polycarb sheet on top which lets the light in and reduces the heat from the sun.
The polycarb has 4 colours to select from :Silver, White, Clear, Grey and Bronze

We can make the awning as wide as needed with a maximum projection is 1065mm

Slimline polycarb Awning

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