Slimline Polycarb Awnings

The Slimline Awning is a clever modern design awning cover for applications to cover windows and doors. Slimline Awnings are made with a fully welded frame and welded brackets. The welded bracket has been designed to be fully or partially concealed (depending on frame size).

Slimline awnings come in 2 frame thicknesses. 50mm and 100mm 
The frames are fully welded from our factory with a choice of powder coat colours.
Brackets are mounted to the wall and the system simply slides into the brackets.

Fully welded Frame Powder Coat Colours

Choose from a wide range of colours available from our Colorbond range.
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Slimline polycarb awning

Partially Concealed brackets
50mm Frames.

Slimline 50 Canter lever under side 2

Concealed brackets
100mm  frames

slimline 100

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Aluminium Frame Sizes:

Frame Size Max Projection

Frame Colours

Bracket View
50mm x 50mm 1065mm Standard Powdercoat colours Partially concealed. Designed for timber studs.
100mm x 50mm 1065mm Standard Powdercoat colours Fully concealed. Designed for brick and concrete walls.

10mm Multiwall Polycarbonate sheeting:

Sheet Colour Light Transmission Shade Coefficient
Clear 86% 0.907
Grey 9% 0.544
Bronze 22% 0.593
Platinum 11% 0.376
Opal 16% 0.394

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Mounting Brackets

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