11.5 mm Laminated Toughened Glass

Eco Awnings 11.5 mm Laminated Toughened Glass is available either clear or tinted. The maximum safe span of the glass panel is 2000mm between the rafters.


Eco Awnings use 11.5 mm Laminated Toughened Glass exclusively. The durability and versatility of 11.5 mm Laminated Toughened glazing material provides a number of benefits. These include:

  • better protection against UV rays which can fade furnishings and carpets.
  • Lower noise levels
  • Laminated glass best benefit is its safety performance.

What is 11.5 mm Laminated Toughened Glass

Eco Awnings Uses 11.5 mm Laminated Toughened Glass has similar performance to glass used in car windshields. However, our laminated toughened glass is harder to break. Its twice as thick as a car windscreen.
Laboratory tested to 15.5nK, to break the glass, Eco Awnings 11.5 mm Laminated Toughened Glass in a sealed Aluminium Frame, is super strong. Hence this combination offers the very best security against:
  • accidental injury,
  • attempted break-ins
  • and severe weather conditions.

The bond between the glass and the interlayer combine to absorb the force of an accidental collision, resisting breakage. If the glass is broken, the shards remain stuck to the interlayer rather than breaking apart potentially causing injury.

Eco Awnings 11.5 mm Laminated Toughened Glass will take at least two blows, from a hammer, to break. The interlayer will then hold the broken glass in place, therefore requiring further blows to create a hole and gain entry into the home.

Toughened Laminated Glass

If you toughen Laminated Glass, then you have an even stronger combination. Toughened glass is cut-to-size and goes through a heat furnace. This process introduces stress into the glass produces glass 4-5 times stronger than ordinary float glass.


A tint to the inter panel can be added by the manufacturer, when we order your 11.5 mm Laminated Toughened Glass. Light shades of grey to black and white translucent are popular.

You can substitute either 11.5mm Laminated Toughened Glass in place of Polycarbonate or Solid panels for all panel products.

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