Retracta Roof The Sliding Roof System 1Bay 5Panel


Eco Awnings Retractable opening roof system has Polycarb or Glass Roof ..The top panels is fixed. All the other panels slide under the fixed one

This Retracta Roof has been installed against a wall
it designed to protect the door from the weather it set up so the owner can have an extra 2 bay installed

1 Bay with 5 Panels 3000×3900
Primrose frame with  opal polycarb 1 motor

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We can build your Eco Awnings Retractable Polycarb and Glass Roof as wide as you want. While the maximum projection from a wall is always 5800mm. How many panels you need per bay is therefore determined by the projection from the wall.

The widths between the rafters (the bay), is determined by the type of panel used. Retractable Polycarb roofs have a maximum width of 3000mm between the rafters. Glass has a maximum width of 2000mm between the rafters.

All Retracta Roof systems work on a minimum of a 6° of fall, because water will need to be drained away.  This equates to a drop of 105mm per metre.

Your Retracta Roof can be mounted off walls or above your roof line to make better use of your outdoor entertaining area. Or, Retracta Roof  can replace a section of your existing roof, hence bringing the outdoors in.

You have three choices of panels::

  1. 10mm twin wall polycarbonate,
  2. 11.5 mm laminated glass
  3. 25mm insulated sandwich panels.

Twin wall polycarbonate is available in Clear, Silver Gray and Opal. It is extremely strong and lightweight because it has an air pocket in the middle of two sheets of polycarb. As a result spans up to 3000mm between the rafters can be achieved.

11.5 mm laminated toughened Glass is available either clear or tinted The maximum span of the glass panel is 2000mm between the rafters.

25mm insulated sandwich panels is available in several colours with sheets of powder coated aluminum top and bottom and a foam insulating panel in the middle.

The Motors:

Eco Awnings use top quality, extremely reliable Becker tubular motors from Germany.

These motors are readily available and use a very simple remote control. Becker tubular motors can be plugged into a standard power socket without the need for hard wiring. An enclosed weatherproof compartment at the rear of the fixed panel houses the motor and drive units.

The Drive Chain

Two heavy duty zinc coated steel chains move the panels. Chains are hidden inside the rafters, one on either side of the panels. Metal drive mechanisms use roller bearings to ensure maximum durability, strength and reliability. Why? Because they will not wear out like fabric belt systems.


The Eco Awnings design team put a lot of effort into making the Retracta Roof  as Maintenance free as possible. As a result minor maintenance involves oiling the chain with chain lube once a year in most cases.

We can coordinate with owners, builders, architects and engineers, therefore your Retracta Roof is designed to your specifications.

Example if you wanted a polycarb Retracta Roof 6000 x 5800 it would be a 2 bay 5 panels per bay.




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