Twin wall Polycarb description

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheeting

Twin wall polycarb is Lightweight,with a high impact strength and is effective at reducing heat it work well in high wind areas and come in 5 colour White, Silver, Bronze, Gray, Clear

10mm which are 1050 wide and up to 5800 Long

Twin wall Polycarb comes in 10mm sheets which are 1050 wide

  • double sided UV Protection coating blocks 99.9% of UV rays
  • Lightweight and very strong
  • High impact strength
  • High light transmission properties
  • Effective at reducing heat
  • work well in high wind areas

The 10mm has four colours Silver, White, Clear, and Bronze

8mm which are 700 wide and up to 5800 Long

We recommend clear and bronze for areas that don’t receive a lot of direct sunlight as they generate greater heat underneath on hot days. We recommend the solar colours (Ice and Metal) and Grey for areas that do need sun protection.

8mm which are 700 wide and up to 5800 Long

We seal the ends with adhesive Tape to stop the moister and dust getting inside the twin wall
then a rubber seal the a powder coated U channel

Twin wall Polycarb roofing sheets are a highly versatile, there are use for
Large and small patio covers,
when you want to create a great out door area

Canter lever awnings,
are Mounted to the wall and have no Posts

Canter lever polycarb awning Bull nose 7
Polycarb Canter lever awning

Window door awnings,
Great way to protect doors and window

Carbolite window awning _ bull nose _ epping side view 1
Polycarb window and Door awnings

Barrow vault awnings
went you want to add a bit of flare

Barrow Vault_twinwall Polycarb awning_Bateau Bay 8
Barrow vault polycarb awning
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