Timber Look Colour Series

Aluminium That looks Like timber …

Polyester Textured “Natural” Powder Coating

Intended for outdoor applications, a special polyester textured powder coating is used as a standard.
It is a Qualicoat Class 2.0 powder coating that is rated Super Durable due to its excellent performance in harsh UV conditions.
The textured finish has the natural look and a feel of real timber.

The  finish is created using a process called photo imaging. This is a two-stage process of powder coating the aluminium and then sublimating the woodgrain pattern into the coating.
During the first stage of this process, the aluminium profile or sheet is pre-treated (giving it corrosion resistance) before it is powder coated

Powder Type: Polyester
Micron Thickness: 80 – 100 microns
Gloss Level: 7±3 gloss
Marine Grade: Yes
Applications: suitable for exterior use
Characteristics: optimal mechanical properties; marine grade

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